Who knows how 2plz a girl that only had sex wit other girls?

Who knows what to do when it comes to having sex with a girl that only have had sex with other woman I’m 18 and I’m a female I never talked to a girl intell now I always have had sex with boys and I want 2know ways to pleas a woman that only had sex with other woman any ideas?

Answer #1

well what would feel good to you if you where messing around with a chick… just do to her what you would want her to do to u…

Answer #2

Your a woman you should know what pleases you. More than likely that or something similar will please another woman. Always bring a little something differnt. A cup of cold water and hot water to change the temp of your tongue always goes over well be it for oral on a guy or girl . Did a guy do anything that was out of this world to you with anything other than his penis? If so steal the move and use it on her. You should be able to tell if they like it or not. If they like it continue if not find something else. Women are made differently and some find sensations to certain areas over powering and need a light touch while others need a more firm touch. Don’t be afraid to ask “Do you like that?” Caress her, kiss her from head to toe, stop to play with, tickle, tease all the places you liked to be tickled or teased at.

Answer #3

Thanks guys you helped out a lot

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