How can i keep myself calm when i'm surrounded by a group of angry, overreacting people?

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I have an anger management issue, so instead of getting an attitude and lashing out on everyone surrounding me. I have a note book just for my angry thoughts. I write them all down, until I feel calm again. It's getting full really fast, but it really helps and better to write them down. Then to lash out on people, because then you're not pushing people away from you. :3 Hope I helped.

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Yes, I will surely give this a try :) thank you. more ideas are welcome

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I know what you mean, I have an anxiety and anger issues. I usually just walk away or just not listen while their arguing or something, I would just occuppy myself with texting people or something. I know getting angry and yelling will just wear me out faster and put me in a bad mood. If the people r part of your family that you need to live with maybe get some anti anxiety pills which will calm you down a lot.

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Yes it's my Family. My older brother has anger issues, my sister is just plain sassy, and my mom is constantly yapping at me about my dad who walked out. It just depresses me when she talks to me about him and i tell her that but she keeps at it. I lost my first boyfriend (1 year and 4 months )due to the effect of what my families issue are doing to me. I'm trying to get back together with him, but my families issues are still there. I want to be strong in this time and not lose myself. I have consider pills.

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Oh wow I'm sorry, yea that's the worst place to be. Yea I would consdier even talking to a couselor about everything and maybe even bringing one of your family members with you each time... maybe you should have family therapy lol well for them at least lol Get their sh!t together so your life isn't horrible!! lol. Yea but I would think about the pills, they relax you.

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If you can recognize your anger you can control it. Even if you are angry towards angry people. Don't let them suck you in and drag you down. Simple as that. :D

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I clean when im angry.... Im pregnant so i have been extra hormonal and my fiance is just getting on my nerves so bad... thinks its the hormones. But im just annoyed by him all the time. So i just start cleanin and it helps a lot

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Pray :D

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