How can i get fat to build muscle?

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you don't need to get fat to build muscle don't let anyone lie to you. what you is need is pure dedicated self disipline that is the only thing you really need I am 48 and still turning necks, I use a total gym ad dumbells and pus-hups, I must say at 48 I look better than most 30 year olds these days. I promise you you don't need to get fat what you need is to stretch out yout tissues so they will accept more of the minerals from the food you eat now and the best way is to work-out with dedication its good to have a mirror in front of you so you can see the muscles that are working and always work-out in sets don't try to lift the world in one try lift parts of th world in sets start with 15lb. dumbells and do 5 sets of eight curls, overheads,tricep bends,do this for 2 weeks and gradually move up 5 lbs. and do it for 3 weeks, and move up again and do it for 1 this till you reach the 25 lb. and stay therefor 4 months. I promise if you can give it at least 4 hours a day for 5 days a week you will be breaking necks come beach time all the adies will be turning to to look at you and I must being the center of attention is an awsome can tell that even the guys admire you an feel jealous. awsome feeling.

Do muscles grow over fat?

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Myoplex vitamin packs, light weight more reps to lose fat and tone up, after you're toned then go with high weight and less reps to get ripped...

Do you store fat 'underneath' your muscles?
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you cant they are both made up of completely different cells burn of the fat and then build up some muscle

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