How do I bring up the topic with my parents that I think I'm depressed?

Answer #1

it’s all up to you how you do it and even if you plan it out it probably wont come out that way. but i’d suggest letting them know this is a serious conversation and you want them to take it seriously. then all the words will flow out of your mouth the way they’re supposed to.

Answer #2

It’s a difficult thing that I learned the hard way. I ended up being suicidal, and that’s when my parents found out. I suggest letting them know asap. I hate taking meds, but I’m slowly getting my life back together. Hope this helps…

Answer #3

Best thing to do is to sit therm down and tell them how you have been feelin lately. Tell them that those feelings feel to you that you need profecional help to get rid of them. Meaby they can help you feel better. They won’t be able to help you if they don’t know what’s wrong with you. also you can try meaby talking to someone that you trust to help you, a school counselor or a relative that is close to you.

Answer #4

its really important you do something about it. depression really sux. ive dealt with it for years. but im a lot better now. talk to one of them at first if its easier. basically say i think i might be depressed. its just important that you get it taken care of asap. you should probably see a doctor. seeing a doctor isnt anything to be ashamed of btw, it should be the opposite. most people dont get help for depression. trust me, see a doctor, theyll try to help

Answer #5

Whichever parent you get along with more, your mom or your dad, maybe you should bring it up to one of them, or both of them. Possibly tell them you need to talk, and bring them into a room where no one else is around, and tell them everything. It will only make you more depressed if you keep everything bottled up.

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