Why are Brass Knuckles illegal but Guns aren't?

Answer #1

because our country is bad and probly makes money off of guns

Answer #2

They arent illegal where im from. You just cant carry them to places like schools, courthouses, etc. Brass knuckles are used for the sole purpose of fighting and hurting another person. While guns on the other hand are used for hobby, hunting, and sports…not just violence. Me and my fiance own guns and i would be upset if they outlawed them because its a huge hobby of ours to go to the gun range and shoot.

Answer #3

i think they should like give you a gun to shoot at shooting ranges because i think it is to easy to get and are used for the wrong reasons just look at the crime rate and the reasons why they are so high

Answer #4

Brass knuckles are only used to hurt someone, Whereas a gun can be used for defense of self or another person. Not to mention hunting for food or sport shooting.

Answer #5

cause u need a lisence to have a gun so they probably make money off of that

Answer #6

Overlooked in the by the law and policymakers, a poorly looked into subject that was not consedered importent enough for debate,

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