Why does my boyfriend think I am cheating on him all the time?

my boyfriend thinks I am cheating on him. he is the one who goes out with his friends he basicly gets to do what ever he wants. I on the other hand stay at home with HIS kids and my daughter that we have together dont get to go anywhere and if I do I need to take the kids. I cant go with my family because I am cheating on him. He thinks I am having sex with his own friends. it gets really tireing what should I do and what is wrong with him!!!???VERY CONFUSED,FED UP,TIRED OF THE BULL *HIT,AND VERY DEPRESSED

Answer #1

Maybe he’s insecure with himself. Which explains the need to go out with his friends, and the fact that he thinks your not faithfull.

Answer #2

Maybe he’s insecure?! Maybe invading Iraq was a poor financial choice… Yeah he is insecure and guilty. Whatever he does he is shocked at how easy it is for him to do. So he assumes you are doing it. Like my nana always says evil thinks as evil does…

Okay. forget the cheating. This behavior is dangerous baby girl. What you dont know CAN hurt you. If he is punishing you for his mistakes subconiously, then finding out the truth and confronting him would be bad. If you need to know fine. Confrontation not necessary.

Besides you are the mother of his child… one of his children. He should worship the ground you walk on.

Answer #3

He is probably cheating on you… sorry to say

Answer #4

Agree fully with the point above!

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