How do you "booty pop" or "booty shake"?

Answer #1

Are you talking about the str!pper move where you move your butt cheeks at different times? If you are you first need to learn how to use your muscles that lie underneath your buttox, one you learn how to move and control them you can move one side at a time like that. It takes some practice.

Answer #2

Its all takes time and lots of practice. You have to listen to some booty shaking music. I listen to Shake that ass by Eminem ft Snoop Dogg. You listen to the beat of the song/ lyrics and get into it. Basically all you have to do is dance like no ones watching and shake that ass and loose control :p

Answer #3

its quite easy

Answer #4

okayy thanks :)

Answer #5

yeahh i was, thanks for the advice :)

Answer #6

No problem , im a hip hop dance teacher so if you need help with anything be free to message me!!

Answer #7

okayy! i appreciate the help!

Answer #8

No problem sweetie!

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