Does anyone like big boobs?

who likes big boobs I don’t I would feel better if they were small and little guys always like them why is that??

Answer #1

I could really care less, guys that are into the big boobs are there for one thing and one thing only, those type of guys should be avoided…

Answer #2

guys who are like that are as-sholes,I have VERY small boobs that I can still fit a training bra and a A cup and my butt…isnt that big either,and I thought that god made me with out them and thats the way he wanted it to be and another thing is that if a guy likes you then you know he likes you 4 you and not just your body,LIKE ME!!!

Answer #3

I dont I think bigys are gross BARF

Answer #4

thx ok

Answer #5

haha ok

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