Do people get big boobs just from genetics?

I have a cousin & she has big boobs but I dont think her mom or anyone from her fam. has big boobs. shes pretty short like 5’4” and shes 19 and shes skinny and used to be kind of chubby.

Answer #1

I have 38C’s because my mom has big breasts, my sister does, it just, yeah. -_- lmfao. but I like them sometimes. If I didnt have them, itd look weird. ROFL(: be happy with what you have. and NO that IS NOT a bad size at all (:

Answer #2

I also forgot to mention my weight is 115-120lbs im 5’-5’1 my breast size is 32 or 34 b. is that really bad?

Answer #3

are you sure b/c I was searching online & this girl said she went from an AA to a B just from massaging them. she said if you do it for 30 days straight ,then youll get results.

Answer #4

It possible, but not always. Like others have mentioned, some people get big boobs when nobody else in the family has them. Sometimes genetics go way, way back.

Answer #5

Its a combination of genetics and environment… It doesnt necessarily have to come from parents, could be grandparents or even earlier…

Answer #6

no one in my family has really big boobs, but my sister has really big boobs! So I dont know, it could be it couldnt be.

Answer #7

I think so lol its sorta like at curse

Answer #8

Massaging breasts does not increase their size.

Answer #9

I kinda figured out how I can make them larger w/o plastic surgery. I should massage them for 15-30 mins a day preferably twice.

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