Is it bad if your body temperature is 3 degrees lower than normal?

Answer #1

i think that you are ok. that 98.6 is the average temp of the body so being a few below you should be fine. i think when its 3 degrees higher is a differnt story thought.

Answer #2

well normally i run at 98 but i took my temp and it was 95-96 but i feel like i am overheating

Answer #3

maybe your getting sick is that possibilty? i know my temp does that if i’m getting sick.

Answer #4

Normal temperature is 98 and 3 degrees lower is 95 degrees, it is quit normal, and if it is 3 degrees on higher side that means you have fewer, if not you are normal

Answer #5

my normal body temperature just on a day to day basis is 96.4 or so. It hasn’t caused me any issues really and no dr has really raised any concerns about it.

Answer #6

Body temperature can range from 92.0-99.7 to be considered regular. 98.6 is rarely ever the case so you shouldn’t worry over a two degree difference.

Answer #7

usually body temperature goes low and high depending according to climate temperature. few degrees come up and few degrees reduced accordingly


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