Does a homes central AC unti use more energy and cost you more when its set higher and turns on and off or when it set lower and stays on all day?

Trying to solve an argument were having lol. If its set at 78 degrees and cuts on and off all day does it cost more and use more energy than if its set at 70 degrees and stay on pretty much all day?

Answer #1

Well, this quote came from an saving electricity webpage: “It’s a myth that leaving the AC on while you’re away at work uses less energy than turning it on when you get home. Here’s why: Heat goes to where it’s not. With the AC off, your house will absorb heat from outside, but at some point it will be so hot it can’t absorb any more heat. When you come home and turn the AC on, the AC has to remove the accumulated heat only once. But if the AC is on when you’re gone, then your house is constantly absorbing heat because your AC is constantly cooling down the house. The AC has basically turned your house into a heat magnet. So your AC is removing absorbed heat over and over and over again”

Answer #2

My AC is set to 70 and my bills are less than my sisters who lives in a house exactly like mine. Difference is my AC unit is a 90% efficent one and hers is only builders grade 80% efficent and she sets hers lower when she is out and then sets it to cooler when she gets home. This causes it to work harder to cool the more you make it work the higher your bills will be. I also set the heat higher than she does in the winter because I hate to be cold in the wintertime.

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