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what are you guys doing on this holiday?

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Incase you don't know(any bible thumpers who wondered on to this question) Samhain is the original name for Halloween, not All Hallows Eve & Not All saints Day.
In ancient times(& still carried over till today in some cases) the barriers between the living & non living world(or/& spirit & human, demon & human, the underworld & this world) were at their thinnest. Pumpkins were carved to scare malevolent spirits. Bonfires were lit to keep evil spirits at bay & to warm the good spirits before their journey to the underworld(since plants were rooted underground the ancients believed al life came from the underworld. When the plants withered, died, & went underground, they believed that the spirits were descending back to the underworld). They would also dress as skeletons, vampires, & other such whimsical creatures to either blend in with or scare away the spirits.
Herbs were gathered around this time to decorate the house & used as decorations in the festivities of Samhain as well as to cast certain spells.
During Samhain it was thought to be Pan's(God/Spirit of the forest) birthday & the Goddess' decent to the underworld(most commonly worship is the deity Diana). The ancients would hold certain gatherings to bid farewell to the warmth & honor the Goddess. They performed rituals to ensure that the warmth would be back the next year as well.
Also(& most commonly known) it was witches' new year.

Just a few fast facts about Samhain.
So, what are you guys doing on this holiday?
Any Christians wonder on this question?(If so I don't wont to here your nonsensical b*llshit about my holiday, so save it!) Lol 1_~

~*~Blessed Samhain