Do i have to bleach my hair before i want to dye my hair dark blue?

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You hair is pretty dark, if you want the blue to show up, you'd have to bleach it. The only sort of "blue" that would work, is a black that's tinted blue. I have black hair and tried that sort of black and it was the only sort of blue that ever showed in my hair without bleaching.

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no i have brown hair i just dyed it black..

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Probably, I think it'd only be like tinted blue, in the sun.

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Instead of bleaching, get LIVE XL blonde and scrub it into your hair. It wont work if you just apply it. I have had my hair all colours with using that instead of bleaching. Use that, leave it in for about 45 minutes. Then wash it out. You will be a gingery blonde colour (not properly blonde) and then use crazy dye that you can get from Sally's (you can probably get crazy dye online) there is a nice bright blue there :) the bottles are pink. It will work out fine, no worries :)

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regardless your hair is still black and it won't just go to blue. You need to bleach it first.

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U need to bleach it so much that the yellow tint comes out as yellow+ blue = green, many of my friends have suffered that.

To bleach ur hair DONT do it urself and do it in stages, do treatments inbetween each stage. :) remember NO yellow should remain in ur hair if u want it blue, well unless u want green instead :P

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No, dude no matter what u use if u have yellow/ orange tones in ur hair it will turen vairous shades of green not blue

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i was gonna dye it when it was brown again theres only so much to describe in a question-_-

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Just saying, you can have a description with your question that can be however long, so you could of put it there. xD & for best results, you probably would have to bleach it. If your hair is black. If it was brown, it'd probably come out dark but more than likely not what you want.

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Not for me O.o

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no i want it dark blue so it should be good :D

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