Dark red hair to blonde. Bleach or dye? :)

Okay, so I have decided to change my hair colour to blonde and I was wondering whats the best way to do it? My hair is a very dark red colour and if I were to dye it to get it blonde I would have to do it in stages and it would take too long. So would it be safe for me to get my hair bleached blonde or would it damage it? My hair has only ever been dyed dark brown so I don’t know how trying blonde would work out :/

Whats the best way and less damaging to my hair?

Also, what colour streaks would go nice with blonde hair? I really want colourful scene hair :D The scene hairstyles are so cute :3

Answer #1

it is definately advisable to go blonde at a salon. If your hair is dark it will need bleaching yes, which causes a little damage but find some good hair products and protection sprays for when you are in the sun etc which will help reduce damage. Personally I think hair looks amazing when it just has natural colours, So different shades of blonde and very light brown highlights would be great. also red hair looks amazing under blonde so maybe you should keep a small layer underneathe or not dye a base colour and just have a full set of close highlights :)

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