How do I dye my hair blue with Splat hair color?

I haven’t dyed my hair black in about a month and a half it’s now a dark brown-ish black. So I was wondering if it was possible for me to use Splats bleach and then use there color to dye my hair blue, or do I need to do more than that?

Any advice or tips on bleaching and dyeing my hair blue would help…Please and Thank you! :D

Answer #1

nope you can used there bleach. My tip though is ur hair is gonna end up a copper color if ur hair is natural a dark color so if u want a brighter blue use a different bleach also they say on their box shampoo out DON’T DO THAT it is going to wash the color out.

Answer #2

Will I still need to shampoo the bleach out? Just not the color right? lol

Answer #3

Yeah def shampoo the bleach

Answer #4

Thanks :D

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