Does anyone know where to get black leather pants?

Answer #1

Step one: Go into a forest Step two: Find unaware animal or two Step three: Slaughter said animal(s) swiftly and mercilessly Step four: Skin animals Step five: Treat and tan hide Step six: Dye hide black Step seven: Sew pants Step seven: Feel badass

Answer #2

Hahaha, I love you! XD Funny, funny. =D I am happy to be talking to one with such wisdom. ;)

Know where to buy any though? Hehehe.

Answer #3

Haha, none that are any good. the only pair I ever found were only half leather. The front were leather, and the back were like, spandex. And they were still like one hundred dollars! Looked awful. I would almost like a pair myself to be honest.

Answer #4

online, ebay has heaps. also second hand stores like savers has them. otherwise just the odd goth shop that will have them for around $300+, but if you want good cheap ones, try ebay or secondhand stores like savers

Answer #5

Thank you! =)

Answer #6

Damn… I am so broke it’s not even funny AND I need $479 for this really hardcore microphone I want.


Well, I’ll keep looking. =D

Answer #7

thriftyy!! lol

Answer #8

hmm microphone + leather pants equals?

Answer #9

Leather pants are just sexy as all hell and microphone = my future side career/hobby.

Answer #10


Answer #11

Gracias. =D

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