Does anyone know where to find a nice short black dress?

For christmas day we always get a new outfit,. I am 13 and this year by the time christmas comes I will be 14 and I wanna look mature.

Where could I find a really nice short short black strapless dress and a pair of black high heels in northern ireland :)

Thankss xxx ily

Answer #1

hmmm, well one of my favorite stores with beautiful dresses is White House Black Market. they also sell highheels. very pretty, but not too reavealing. also…the dresses are pretty expensive though… so if you have a low price budget this store won’t work. oh and did you say you were from ireland? because if you are I am not entirely sure they have the stores there. you could always go on there website though which is tell me if this helped!

Answer #2

Hello! You lady, this isn’t the answer you are looking for, but me being a mean old geezer, I just had to answer you anyway. A short black dress is nowhere near showing anybody maturity, as a look or otherwise. Now if you want to look like a hooker, yes, that short black dress will be great! For maturity, there is NO look. You either are, or you are not. You want to make people think you have some degree of maturity? Dress sharp, but more modestly. Do you want to dazzle the guys? Well, dazzle them with your intelligence and great heart! And finally, please don’t be in any hurry to “appear” mature. Allow the natural age process, and your actual emotional maturity work through it all in normal time. Best wishes! Don

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