Does anyone know a popular store to get cheap bathing suits?

I have to buy all one piece/tankinis for work this summer & I know they have cheap bathing suits at target and h&m but does anyone know other big stores I can buy some at? Thanx

Answer #1

hollister…AE…they can be pretty pricey but you can always find some good ones there on sale or clearance..I bought 2 suits 1 from each store only about $60…30 each which isnt really bad compared to a nice pacsun element one which can be up to $60 itself

Answer #2

walmart..khols…target…yea…or if you don’t mind spending quite a bit of onepieces are nice material…

Answer #3

OMG TARGET!!! Hollister and AMERICAN EAGLE and those Shi**y stores are awfuly expensive!! GO TO TARGET!!!

Answer #4

walmart target, and mervyns has some reely cute ones.

Answer #5

there is a store called the 15dollar store and everything is 15…

Answer #6

Wal*mart or Target that’s probably your best bet for something cheap.

Answer #7

Target or Wal Mart. You could also try somewhere like Marshall’s or TJ Maxx. Or Kohl’s.

Answer #8


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