White racism

When we talk about ignorance,were the white professors who use to call me a nigger and a monkey for no apparent reason infront of my classmates ignorant? This was just a few years ago. I am a true christian, and love every race. Moreover, I have a white inlaw who is well loved by my family.

Answer #1

Not saying this was your point, but white people are not the ONLY rascist people, black people are very rascist aswell.

Answer #2

That was just wrong of the prof. to do that. Your’e you, and don’t worry about what people say!! As ifeelcrazy123 said, it was most probably more racist. xx

Answer #3

I wouldnt say ignorant. I would say racist.

Racism = Ignorance

Answer #4

I’m going to go out on a very sturdy, very broad limb and say that quite a few details were left out of your “college professor” story for the purpose of sensationalism. There is no college or university anywhere who would tolerate that behavior from their professors “for no apparent reason.”

Answer #5

Anyone can be ignorannt no matter what race. Everyone just takes everything too personally white people arnt the only racist people black people are equally as racist not saying you said that just trying to make somewhat of a point

Answer #6

I wouldnt say ignorant. I would say racist.

Answer #7

no it = stupidity or in my case alot of learning and watching. most racists base it solely on skin color thats stupidity i base it on the fact that its cool to be black= its cool to steal, kill and do all the things that were at one time unspeakable. not all blacks are that way i know this but i have met so many that were i gave up on the ones that were not. and i am not ignorant. just tired of the bull shit.

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