Birt control and a guy cums in her will se get pregnant?

If a girl takes birt control and a guy cums in her will se get pregnant?

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What type of birth control?

If she's on the birth control pill AND she uses it exactly as prescribed...I.e. one pill at the same time every day and don't skip any pills then the pill will be 99.9% effective.

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it depends
if she takes the birth control proparly and has been on it for a month at least, she can STILL get pregnant
but there would be a 1% chance
if she isnt using it properly theres a much higher chance
of course no birth control or contraception is 100% effective
so anytime she has sex, theres a chance of pregnancy
but a less chance with b c or contraception obviously

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yeah my big sister is 22 years old and she was on birth control pills and when her boyfriend went in her and now she has beautiful baby twins that are 1 and a half months old a girl named isabella and a boy named cody

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wow I've been on birth control for a while now and I've never known this. thats really cool though because I would love to have twins! I thought birth control made it 97% that you wouldnt get pregnant.. it was in my anatomy text book

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its a fifty fifty chance that you would get pregnant but mostly the odds if you take birth control pills and you do get pregnant you will most likely have twins.

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