How to remove my big tummy through exercise?

How to remove my big tummy through exercise?

Answer #1

lots of crunches, sit-ups and running and jogging also dont eat greasy foods or drink soda ONLY WATER and eat healthy

Answer #2

go to

there have free workouts that can focuse on your core :DD its amazing!!! its really fun too.

also, hula hoops help a lot if your able to do that :D lol

Answer #3

squeeze tummy muscles and do ball exercises.

Answer #4

Sit ups/crunches work a lot.

Answer #5

For a big tummy, the best way is cardio.. it helps to burn calories, which in turn, burns fat. crunches and sit ups only help to define the muscles.. and if youve gotlots of fat over them, then the sit ups and crunches arnt very beneficial.

start running, jogging, dancing, or even jump roping. somehting that works up a sweat. then once you lose the fat, THEN is the time you want to do sit ups and crunches to define the muscles youve uncovered :]

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