What exercise will make my boobs tight and big?

What kind of excersise I should do to make my boobs tight,n big...in a healthier way

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wide handed pushups exercise the muscles called the pectorals. And they're right about your boobs.

A boob is tissue, so you can't get muscle in them. But get tighter pectoral muscles, and they will look bigger when you flex em!

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you should have great massage by your boyfriend

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Yes, you can make tight and big if you will wear tight Bra and do not sleep with your Husband for 2 months... I am sure you will see results.

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Well boobs are part of physical beauty of a girl but that does not mean the bigger the better,Boobs are also more related to harmones still there are different kind of exercises and some are like
1 ) press your both hands against each other and hold it for some time,do this for around 5 min with a break after 30 sec of 10 seconds
2 ) strech your upper body outways and inways, like hug yourself with both hands and hold for 15 sec repaeat with both hands every 20 sec for 3 minutes,outways means open your hands in the air maximum you can reach
3 ) light massajing your lower part of boobs with mustard oil,or alo vera very gently.
I am sure you will see results in 15 days.
Jugal Kishore

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No exercise will increase the size of your breasts ... you can make them appear larger by building up the pectoral muscles underneath, but that's a temporary solution and the size will diminish when you stop working out.

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