Do you agree with Jammie Thomas-Rasset, a single mother of four, having to pay Capitol Records 1.5 million dollars for downloading 24 songs in 2006 on Kazaa?

That works out to about $62,500 a song, do you think the court has made a fair decision? Considering if one was to buy these songs off itunes it would cost about 24$ in total. I’m just interested in what the public thinks of this.

Answer #1

Its totally wrong! Those US folks are just greedy! Straight up, just saying :)

Answer #2

It’s stupid music should be free anyway.

Answer #3

i heard bout it, and i dont agree its like fining a homeless person 1.5 million dollars for stealing…you know there never going to have the money. a mother of 4 does not have that kind of money, plus theres the fact that more than 1.5 millon people download things, majority of them will never get caught. they need less harsh penalties to begin with. only harsh ones for people who are making a profit on downloading and selling illegally downloaded things. yes illegal downloadng costs companies millions of dollars in loss, but save the rediculouse fines for people who really deserve them, the ones who make a profit

Answer #4

I totally agree because somehow, a mother has to pay money that she could never earn in her lifetime for music that’s about a dinners worth price. It makes perfect sense because modern people just happen to have 1.5m stashed away somewhere and just pretend to be broke for the sake of getting sympathy, right?

Answer #5

She’ll go bankrupt and the money will never have to be paid - it’s a lesson learned, and yes, I do agree with it - you break the law, you deal with the consequences.

Answer #6

Lmfao, I’m sure that you or your children have illegally downloaded music as well. So does that mean that you should stand behind them in court to support those “Juvenile Delinquints”?

Answer #7

You can’t always make assumptions… No one knows what runs through their life.

Answer #8

So you actually agree with this poor mother being forced to pay $62,500 a song? How could you ever agree with this when you can buy each song for a dollar? Let’s say, hypothetically of course, I have 8000 illegally downloaded songs on my computer, Do you really believe that I should be fined close to $500,000,000? When The damages I hypothetically caused only add up to about $8000? You really honestly believe that is fair, I agree she should pay for damages caused and not a penny more.

Answer #9

Everyone is greedy to a point. It’s not just us “US folks”.

Answer #10

Uhm, it is fair. She just should have paid the damn dollar for each song. Her being a single mother of four shouldnt have anything to do with it. If you’re struggling to care for your kids than you should think of them before you break the law.

Answer #11

It really is fair to have to pay $62,500 per song? For a one dollar song? Please explain your reasoning, fair would be paying the actual cost of the song, maybe even a little bit more, maybe toss a fine in there for breaking the law. Not 60,000 times more then the actually price of the song. Normally, in everyday life, someone causes damages, they pay for the damages caused, maybe toss a small fine in there depending on what they did. So please explain how it is fair for someone to have to pay 1.5 million dollars for downloading 24 songs. I’m very interested in your reasoning behind this. And don’t just say “it’s the law” I want a reason why you think this lady deserves to pay 1.5 million dollars, for causing 24 dollars worth of damage. Thanks.

Answer #12

Lol, not really. Americants are more greedy of things down there than we are… Hence why Canada is such a beautiful place to be :) Share, share and more sharing. What kinda fed up news are there in Canada? None really. Just saying ;)

Answer #13

The amount she has too pay is unrealistic. Yes, it is illegal to download music but if these music producers and artists can lower their CD etc price, people would not resort to doing things illegally. Some artists only have 3 or 4 songs on their albums which are worth listening too so imagine having to pay $37 for a damn CD…We get our musics off Telstra but it’s $5 a song and they don’t have any recent tunes.

Answer #14

@tttaaafffiiieee - Where I live, we pay royalties when we purchase blank CD’s or MP3 Players, so it’s actually legal for us to download - it’s just not legal for us to share. Not only do I repeat my answer - I stand by it - the woman will go bankrupt and she won’t have to pay a cent…lesson learned. How many people do you think actually pay that fine? I’d be surprised if any of them have, but in the end, when you break the law, you need to suffer the consequences - law doesn’t take into effect who you are or how much money you have - if a homeless person killed a family so he could live in their home, would it be ok, because he’s homeless?

Answer #15

Lol… Buying a blank CD is like copyrighting though, isn’t it? You’re still downloading the music… Lots of people break the law though… I’m sure everyone has in their life- so does that mean we have to all suffer the consequences? Do you think that they would actually waste their time on us? People illegally smoke pot, they do a lot of illegal stuff… Yes it would be okay if a homeless person killed a family, depending on the reasoning. If the family were greedy :) He could be mad about anything. He could’ve went through a hard struggle with life. Funny how some people claim that they wear their heart on their sleeves, yet their cold hearted f*cking punks. If you’re pregnant and walking around with your boyfriend or husband in the middle of nowhere while its cold outside, don’t happen to have a cellphone on you and you go into labor, and you see a parked car, you wouldnt break into it to steal the car to rush to the hospital? Or would you just give birth and have the baby freezing? Do you think a woman who just stole a car to rush to the hospital for labor should be fined so much for giving birth? Yes she might’ve broke the law, but still…

Answer #16

They prolly wouldn’t have made that a big deal… Yet music is such a big deal in the industry lmfao. They use programs to produce music anyways.. Its not like they took the time to make it. Anyone can make their own free music. Just like movies… Hypothetically… Are you going to pay $60 for a blu-ray disc when you can download them to watch for free? Just saying.

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