How can I gain weight in my boobs and butt?

I am 24 but I am very slim anf flat I want to gain some weight mostly I want to get big boobs and bum lol I know that mite not be possible but is their something I can eat to gain this too I am really sad about this all my friends have big chest and I am so flat

Answer #1

There is no special thing to eat. If you want to gain weight in your butt n boobs you will need to gain weight everywhere else. Just eat fattening foods and try not to burn to many calories..

Answer #2

i have large breasts and i would rather they were small. big isnt always beautiful-they can be really uncomfy!

Answer #3

There is a way to gain weight on your chest but requires to use dumbbells and work your pectoral muscle underneath your chest and that will shape it giving more appearance, and will make it look bigger.

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