Are my boobs big?

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If you want people to tell you how big your boobs are, then go ask someone who ISN'T smart enough to figure out that all you want is attention. No one here cares about the size of your boobs, because this site isn't titled "Free compliments - Come and join for more attention than you can stand", its an advice forum, and seeing as how you have no real issue to ask for advice on, your question was a complete and utter waste of 2 minutes of my life that I could have used for someone with a real problem.

sorry to be so harsh, but come on now, all you need is a mirror to tell urself you have ginormous boobs.


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I don't actually think they're that big. That's probably because I come from a family cursed with large mammories, and I mean LARGE. My older sister is an F cup (she's never had surgery) and is on a hospital waiting list for a reduction, as they are hazardous to her health, causing back problems. I'm lucky, I got away with relatively average sized breasts.

This may come as a shock to you, but not every guy/girl is attracted to large boobs. I know plenty of people who would rather have a girl with slender legs or curvy hips than a girl with a D-cup bra. It's great for people to think well of themselves, and can identify good points about themselves, but going onto a popular website and practically screaming "I have big boobs! LOOK LOOK LOOK!" is just completely classless.

I'll also point out that it's not great to have large boobs. It's hard to find pretty bras for the fuller busted woman -forget nice lacey ones, you're confined to "Grandma bras", or those foam cup bras that add another cup size with all their padding (which makes you look awful). Plus, you'll find your 'huge boobs' will start to sag in your early 20s. What then? Off to keep the plastic surgeons in business, for breast lifts etc. All in the name of vanity.

Forget boobs- they're merely sacs of fatty tissue and nerves slapped onto your chest. Aspire to something like joining Mensa, finding a cure for cancer, raising a family, getting good grades in school, developing plans to pull 3rd world countries out of debt- those are things to really be proud of.

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How many more questions are you going to post about your boobs?
Obviously you know if your boobs are big or not, you see them everyday. And considering your name says "hugeboobs" ... no offense but your making a fool out of yourself.

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That's really gross...
I can't believe anyone wants so much attention...
I find pitty on you
cause your so young and immature.

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Whats up with answering your own Question!?!?!?

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ya but this question is just for attention sooo...

Why does it have to be my genes with big boobs?

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Yes and you know it (hence the hugeboobs101 piece) and im guessing since you asked this question you want attention. Get it somewhere else.

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ok idunno ask somthing else its like asking if my butt
is big omg ask somthing else lol lol

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