bedtime fright

do you laugh when you see someone running like crazy to catch a cab or train? I know I do.

Answer #1

If it was me I would still laugh lol I’ve done it before haha I felt like an idiot & just laughed :D

Answer #2

Yes Im entertained very easily Just about anything makes me laugh :D

Answer #3

lol hahahaha of course hehehe

Answer #4

no. none of this is funny. what if it happened to you. you wouldn’t think it’s funny. would you want people to laugh at you. you only laugh because it’s embarrissing to others and it really does hurt. don’t you know what it’s like? it’s not fun. it is very easy to make me laugh. I laugh everyday. but, when it’s something like this, it’s just not worth hurting other for. it’s not funny.

Answer #5

Only if they get hit by the train\cab.

Answer #6

I usually do but this one time I felt really bad it was cold and windy and this guy finally got a cab but it was across the street and when he was I the middle of the steet his hat flew off =[ I felt bad

Answer #7

hahah ayea never seen it but if I did I think I would be laughing ahha

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