Poll: 16 years old: What is your bedtime?

What time to you go to bed and what grade or age are you? I am having a debate with my mum to let me stay up later. I say the senior students, do not need to have a bedtime, but mum still insists that I go to bed around 9pm

Answer #1

I didnt have a bedtime after 14, but I graduated at 16 with good grades, so I was only up late studying…

Answer #2

10th grade, im 15. I dont have a bedtime because my mum “trusts” me :)

Answer #3

I’m 15 junior and I go to bed at 11:00-ish

Answer #4

Im only 13 and I don’t haev to go to bed untill 10:45 (:

Answer #5

11:00pm - or whenever I want lmfao!!!

Answer #6

im 19 and hmmm whenever I get tired:)

Answer #7

dont have a bedtime lulz

Answer #8

I’m 16 in the 10th and mine is wheneva because I got indepentend studies once a week baby

Answer #9

I’m 17 and in grade 12.

My parents try to get me to go to bed at liek 11-12 But they don’t care if I go to bed later than that… And during the summer a bedtime dosen’t exist.

Answer #10

I didn’t have a bedtime.

Do you have trouble in school? That could be why your mom wants you to go to bed around 9–to make sure you sleep enough to do well in school.

Answer #11

Im 15 9th grade & I dont have a bed time :D

Answer #12

im 16 in 10th grade and I have to be in bed by 11:00 SHARP. it sucks.

Answer #13

when I was 16 during school, I had to be by 9pm in bed by 10pm summer 10 and 11pm ( later if I was with my older brother. )

Answer #14

When I was 16, my classes began at 7:30am. If I wasn’t in bed by 11pm, I’d be tired the next day. So my parents didn’t set a bedtime, but I needed to for my own health. Getting up at 5:45am on no sleep is not productive.

Answer #15

I choose to go to bed around 10:00 other wise I get pissy

Answer #16

Im 17 and a junior. I usually have to be in bed around 10:30 on school nights and on the weekends I have to be home by 1

Answer #17

I am 15, 16 in March, Sophomore, I don’t have a bedtime, I’m on the internet everynight, and the time usually varies of when she tells me to get off. The earliest I think was 10..and that was last year. It varies from 10-11:30. and then I just go in my room and do whatever. She’ll tell me I need to go to bed, but doesn’t force me or ground me or anything if I don’t.

Answer #18

I’m 16. My mom says 10. But I usually don’t go to bed until I’m tired. Which could be 10, could be 12, and sometimes 8.

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