how do subatomic particles determine the properties of an atom?

How do protons, neutrons, and electrons determine the properties of an atom?

Answer #1

its the neutons that determine the what element it is. the protons and electrons tell what type of charge it has. neutons dont have a charge. so terrible tash said that wrong. I will stop there cause I will take you into too much detail. if you want detail funmail me.

Answer #2

Well a certain atom can only emit a certain amount of protons. (ex hydrogen can only emit one proton)

If the number of original neutrons increases or decreases within an atom it gains a charge and becomes an isotope.

and I think electrons always stay the same (unless it combines with another), but if it ever changes by losing or gaining, the whole pull on the atom will change since every atom strives to have full orbitals.

Answer #3

protons are + neutrons are neutral. electrons are -

thats about all I remember from school, sorry. lol

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