What are your thoughts on athiests?

What do you think of Athiests?

Answer #1

Atheist’s are people just like everyone else…they bleed, they cry, they love, they make mistakes…what is there to think about them? Why would anybody judge someone because of what they believe in or don’t believe in? Isn’t that ignorant?

What I don’t like about people in general (Atheist’s, Christians, Wiccans, ANYBODY) is when someone asks or answers a question and you have that one annoying person who has to pick apart every answer. If you don’t believe or you do believe who are you to tell someone else that they’re wrong? What makes anybody more special (superior) to someone else?

Religion or lack of religion is about choice…plain and simple choice. There is no reason to pick apart answers just because you don’t agree. Get the sticks out of your *ss and come back to reality , just because you believe something else it doesn’t make you superior or even right. Try to remember, religion and lack of religion CAN NOT be proved either way.

Answer #2

Atheists are people like everyone else. Some are great, some are a-holes. Some came to their position after painfully dissecting their beliefs, and others were just raised without any religion.

The best thing about atheists though, is they rarely have religious hang-ups.

Answer #3

Realizing there is no god was the most liberating and satisfying feeling I’ve ever had. I would say I was born again, but the Christians already use that one.

Answer #4

I am one, so, naturally I think they’re fine. ;)

I’ve heard it stated better: Freedom of religion and freedom from religion.

Answer #5

Im glad so many people are welcome to athiests. :D Im one myself !

Answer #6

I think it’s great - I have no specific beliefs and it gives me freedom.

Answer #7

I feel the same way about atheists that I do about everyone else. They are entitled to their beliefs and I respect that.

The only thing I dont like is when someone who is an atheist complains about having religion forced on them while at the same time telling people with different beliefs that they are stupid and ignorant etc. But I think that is the hipocrasy I am objecting to, not atheists. Im pretty much of the opinion that everyone deserves the same respect.

Answer #8

I think they are missing out on Somebody amazing. God as touched my life in many ways and it makes me sad to see that many people are giving up on God or on themselves. But as much as we argue about it I am never going to convince you God is real. Christians are an “exclusive club” as my Religious Education teacher likes to put it, “Anybody can join at any time, but what makes it exclusive is that few choose to.”

I’m truly sorry that you believe that God does not exist. I’ll see you in Purgatory. :)

Answer #9

I think and know that its not about religion or the rules but the relationship the one with Jesus Christ the one who died a horible death on a cross for yours and mine sins im not gunna judge a atheist but prey that they relise what I know to be true and can testify to and that is that its not about the religion but the awesome relationship with jesus the one true God if you want to hear my testimony ask me because I asure you that I’ve been through alllot and without Christ coming into my life I wouldent be alive today I love you God loves you and ill be preying for you to understand that

Answer #10

I’m a christian. and I feel the same love for atheists that I do for other believers. just as god does. just makes me sad to know that god is being rejected. but you guys are ok with me. I have plenty friends who dont believe in god, who are homosexuals and such. I do let them know that it is wrong according to my faith, and that it says so in the bible. but I cannot judge. only god can. a sin is a sin is a sin. and we have ALL done it.

Answer #11

I’m married to one. Lol. What should we think of them? Freedom of religion or no religion.

Answer #12

they alright

Answer #13

Not a bad thought prossess. It makes sence

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