has anyone tried the new asian chicken at wendys?

has anyone tried the new asian chicken at wendys? is it good? or should I not waste my money on it?

Answer #1

I’ve been working at wendy’s for almost two years now, and I get to try everything first hand. I didn’t like the asian wings at first but after trying it multiple times I started to really enjoy them. I like the sauce best with my french fries. In an entree, you should get 7-9 pieces depending on the weight of the chicken pieces. If the pieces are large, you get less and small you get more. I think it is worth the price. You should definitly try it though, for your own opinion and not base it off of others.

Answer #2

It tatsed like sh*t. And wasn’t worth 4.35!!!

Answer #3

dont try it it made me feel sick =/ for like a hole day it didnt taste all to good eather

Answer #4

I bought the asian chicken from Wendys today… I don’t know if my Wendy’s messed up, but it was REALLY gross. It even smelled rancid. Like old vinegar. I won’t be buying it again… In fact, I am tempted to call them and ask how to get the stink out of my kitchen.

Answer #5

They were delicious! See reviews on them here

Answer #6

its okay, but it really not worth 4.37. it only has like six little peices in the container. I guess it was worth trying maybe the other flavors are better havnt tried them.

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