Want to try new beers.

What are some good beers to try for someone who has been a religious bud drinker his whole life. I have tried Guiness once before and it was a little strange. I have been trying mexican beers lately. I want to try some beers that aren’t so dark. Any pointers to start my beer critic profession?

Answer #1

Try a beer from canada like alexander kieth or a sleeman beer like there cream ale or there honey brown lager. My favorite beer is Bohemian but it’s only brewed in my province.They are all pretty good.

Answer #2

eh, blue moon is a belgian white beer, if all belgian beers are women’s drinks then maybe this one is too…….hehehe, but hey he wanted to try something new and I bet he’ll like the belgian beers

Answer #3

thanks alot

Answer #4

Ambiguous why not try HEINEKEN, or pay a visit to Lagos, Nigeria and try Gulder the Ultimate, or Star extra stout. I think any of this will do. All this are blended to the finest

Answer #5

Try blue moon, i’m a beer fanatic and i’ll tell ya this blue moon was a very decent beer, and Belgian beers are amazing actually with slices of orange nonetheless………Ziegenbock is pretty good also, so is Irish Killian’s Red……..depends on your age, i’m 22 and outta that binge drinking age, so I actually enjoy a cold one once in a while….

believe it not Samuel Adams Boston Lager is pretty good also, Try some Sam Adams they have like 20-25 different types of beers and i’ve heard most of them are very good, they did win five Gold medals at the World Beer Championships…

good luck with your new beer critic career :-)

hope this helps

Answer #6

HAHA………sorry almost forgot my favorites, CORONA and Dos Aquis (i think thats how they spell it?????)

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