Has anyone tried the magic bullet blender?

Has anyone tried the magic bullet blender and if so what is your opinion of this product?

Answer #1

I have it, I like it a lot. I would definately say go for it.

I usually use it to make omelettes, scramble eggs, and make smoothies/milkshakes. You put cheese, eggs, bacon, ham, turkey… Then you cook it in a pan like you would with any omelette, it’s to die for, all the flavors are mixed in perfectly! (It’s my bro’s favorite. It’s called heart attack in 5 minutes. lol.)

Unfortunately, you can’t use it for everything though, my brother tried dicing Lemonheads in it and it sparked and broke. So you may not want to try cinamon or coffee beans, like it says you can in the infomercial.

I LOVE it for smoothies and milkshakes! It’s perfect serving size, cup, everything you need right there!

(Sorry, it’s long, but worth reading!!)


Answer #2

lol no I don’t have it but a friend of mine does and I love it , I go to her house like every day just to use it thats pathetic I know lol

Answer #3

We have it. It’s okay. I like it, but I don’t use it often.

Answer #4

Just get it based on that infomercial alone! Its Hilarious!

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