Anorexia...mental Illness..i Think I Have It

I need help. Please. I think i have anorexia. im not normal weight. but i heard anorexia is a mental illness. i read all about it and i have all of the symptoms. i tried starving myself several times and once i even tried to stick my finger down my throat but didnt put it far enough because i was scared it would hurt. i have very low self esteem and i cry all the time when im alone because i think about how fat i think i am and i think if i culd just be skinnier than i wuld be really happy. i feel i cant be happy without being thin. i need help please someone thanks

Answer #1

hey, its true that anorexia nervosa is mainly a mental disorder and it does have physical side affects. I myself have studied pyschology behind the disorder. In all honesty i dont think that many people are ever fully satisfied with their bodies, or with themselves, which i hapen to believe is because of the media sending out the message “this is how you should look?” but think tou yourself, you have yourself said that you are infact normal weight, and the fact that you can admitt this means that you dont have anorexia, anorexics often see their body fatter than it actually is, and wouldnt say they where normal. however you should try and talk to your parents maybe, or a close friend about how you feel about yourself? they could help you, as allthough you do not have the disease now, you dont want to develop it in the future. I think that you also need to build upon your confidence, and you shouldnt feel so low about yourself! you should learn to feel happy about who you are :) hope that this has helped, and you can always speek to me if you want any help! just remember have fun! and be happy! its the best advice you could ever listen to.

Answer #2

You’re right, it is mostly mental, and the physical is a consequence of that. Anorexics starve themselves because they think they’re fat, not because they actually are. You said it yourself - “im normal weight” - so if you are normal, what is the problem?!? Reading a lot on illnesses can make you think you have all the symptoms even if you don’t, it’s just a normal paranoid reaction, like reading the Bible and already seeing yourself in hell :) It’s all in your mind, so work on that first. Why would you be happier skinny? Skinny is unhealthy and looks pathetic, and contrary to popular belief, people don’t like skinniness. Guys don’t like skinny chicks. I like to think of Sir Mix-a-Lot’s “Baby Got Back” - guys like it “real, thick and juicy” haha :) I realized this when I came to the USA from Europe, where it’s all about the skinny model look. I had low self esteem like you because I thought I should be skinnier. But here in the USA guys are after the real stuff. You said you were normal; you’re real. Take advantage of that. “I’m tired of magazines sayin’ flat butts are the thing…” :)

Answer #3

Well. If you want to loose weight you just need to not eat junk. but starving yourself is not the right idea. Go see a doctor and eat eat eat. just if you want to lose wieght limit yourself.

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