Do you think ill get taller?

ok well I used to be like at the most 1 inch taller than people or maybe even the same height. Now everyone is passing me up my dad is pretty tall but like my mom is average height and most of the people on her moms side is kinda short but on her dads side everyone is kinda tall I am like 5ft. and 1 in. and I just turned 13 a few months ago do you think ill get taller p.s. do you think the doctor can tell if ill grow taller and how can I get taller

Answer #1

I used to be taller than all of my friends and now I’m the shortest. I’m 5ft 2in and I’m almost 16. I don’t think I’m going to be growing anymore.

Answer #2

hmm where theres a point in your growing age when people stretch you probably will get taller but I don’t know fo sho

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