Annoying brats

If you wer in a sitution where you had 2 annoying little brats around you what wud you do?

Answer #1

Are these your own children? Your siblings? Children you babysit? Try to find the goodness within everyone. Keep the children active and busy. How old are these children anyway?

Answer #2

well if their your siblings talk to your mom or dad about it or if their your kids just remember their yours and you made them and you need to love them and dont be mean to them

Answer #3

Pray for the people that made them and be thankful that they’re not yours. Unless of course they are yours then you ignore them and pretend nothing is wrong.

Answer #4

get an ipod and crank up the volume

Answer #5

r you there parent like??my son is really bold,im a single mum,his dad doesnt care,I try my best but it is really hard,I luv him 2 bits but thats what happens when you becum a parent,I can understand how you feel,sumtimes I just feel like walkin out and not cumin back but you just have to put up with it and try to disciplin them as best you can,there yur kids and im sure ud really b lost without them if they werent there,can you not get anyone to help you out with them?just to give you a break now and again

Answer #6

I would remember that I’m their mum so I made the choice to have them! (Sorry, I’m sure it’s not the same for you.)

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Answer #8

scream as loud as you can at them until they get scared and leave you alone.

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