An exercise for a nice butt?

What is the best exercise (besides squats) to get a better shaped butt? And dose leg press help you get a better butt or is that just for thighs and calves?

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heyy sounds like a simple exersise!! thanks :D

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umm, well, an excercise that I do helped a little. I think I have a farely nice bottom. well the simpliste anytime thing to do is just standing up agains a wall or near somthing you can hold on to somehing with one hand. and just taking your right leg and swinging it backward and farward. make sure when you go back you hold it for about 15 seconnds and do the same when you go forward. I think I do mine about 20X thats 10wtih each foot. its pretty easy to do this doesnt make your but bigger or smaller just tightens it a little.
good luck

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Running up hills works for me.

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Running at an incline or the stairmaster works too if you want to do cardio.

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