An atheist friend

I have a friend that I met last night. After talking about other stuff, I asked him his religion. He said he is an Atheist, but used to be a Christian. His mom was a Christian also, but she killed herself. He keeps saying how he is sad and always crying. I told him being a Christian could fix some of his problems. Does anyone have some advice on how to help him reconvert and realize that his mom didn’t kill herself because she was a Christian. Thanks!

Answer #1

If he’s never asked the Lord Jesus Christ to forgive him of all his sin and ask Him to come into his heart, he needs to - he’ll receive that Blessed Assurance of Salvation and a Heavenly home - both of you will be in my thoughts and prayers.

Answer #2

If his mom was christian and killed herself why would being on help? Being a christian wont take the pain away of his mothers death. During this diffuclt time having another religion shoved at him wont help. Let him grive. Also I agree with arachnid

Answer #3

Most people who call themselves atheists rather than agnostic or “I dunno”, have already thought it through more than 95% of the Christians out there.

Odds are, he’s more informed about your faith than you are, and you won’t be able to reconvert him. Someone who has sat on both sides of a fence knows which side is better.

Answer #4

“If he’s never asked the Lord Jesus Christ to forgive him of all his sin and ask Him to come into his heart,”

amblessed, are you having some cognitive issues? She said he used to ba a christian. He already knows about your precious jesus, and has obviously seen the light.

Answer #5

Just let the man grieve his dead mother, and spare him the religion sales pitch. If he’s interested in reconverting, he’ll come to you. Since you do believe in God, why not pray? At least that way, you’re satisfying your desire to work on his reconversion, while avoiding a poorly timed, poorly received conversation about bringing him “back to the fold”.

Answer #6

Well, Toad, we don’t know that.

Even if he wanted to take up christianity again, it’d be best for him to talk to some one who knows the scripture well and can answer his questions.

Answer #7

We often have to earn the right to offer our testimony. Be a friend and let Christ minister to him through you. You witness doesn’t always have to be put into words.

Answer #8

Did he say she killed herself because she was a christian? Did he say he stopped believing because she died?

Religion has nothing to do with his grief. Let him grieve without you trying to convert him. He was brought up with religion, and rejected it. Accept that.

Answer #9

Most ex-christian atheists are such because they’ve started applying proper critical thinking to their beliefs. As such, they’re not usually particularly susceptible to being ‘reconverted’. And as others have said, trying to convert them is probably the quickest way to lose them as a friend.

Answer #10

“Even if he wanted to take up christianity again”

who says he wants to?

not to mention, what makes you think the person asking this question actually knows anything about the faith? most bible pushers dont…

Answer #11

You only met this guy last night and you are already planning on changing his worldview? How would you feel if he took it upon himself to convert you to another worldview?

I predict that the fastest way to loose your new friend is to get preachy on him.

Answer #12

First of all, if he doesn’t believe in God, be a good friend and dont try and convert him to your religion. He can help himself without forcing your God onto him. Being a Christian will not bring his mother back and he might resent you telling him that religion could solve his problem. There is no solving his problem, his mother is dead, you cant bring her back to life. Just talk to him. Get him involved in activities to get his mind off of things. Be there for him when he’s upset.

Answer #13

WEll in the bible it say to greive! So thats a must. I know it all seems right to turn away from something that seems to be the cause of you moms death but…Just like when Jesus’s cousin died “ his cousin was christain” And I know he did’nt kill himself , But the cause of it was EVIL not GOD. Everything just overwhelmed her! and evil tried to overtake her! It was’nt GOD’s fault! But make shure to take it slow with tho guy it’s going to take a while for him to get a grip and stand on two feet! that’s a hard one to shake off!

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