is it wrong for a 14 year-old to be an Atheist?

okay, I’m Atheist, and I’m 14. in my social studies class we were having a discussion on the religious beliefs of people in ancient times, and the sub asked all of the Christians to go over to one side of the room, and Jewish people to go to another, and any other religion to go to the back of the room. me, my friend Jared (a.k.a Brain Stew), my friend Kenzie, and my friend Elise just sat there. the sub asked us why and I said “because we’re all Atheists” she was PISSED OFF, she lectured all 4 of us in the hallway about “God” and s**t and I just want to ask, is it wrong for me to be an Atheist at 14?

Answer #1

There’s nothing wrong with being an atheist regardless of age.

Further, if this was in a public school in the US, your Constitutional rights were violated. You might want to file a complaint against the sub with the school district. If you were inclined, you could file a lawsuit.

Answer #2

It is not wrong to be who you are for all the right reason’s

I think it is wrong to be something you are not, just to get attention.

Not saying you did this, just my answer.

Answer #3

No offence, but your teacher is retarded, in my oppinion. And just because she doesn’t like it, it doesn’t mean it’s wrong to be atheist. You should consider telling what she did to the principal.

Answer #4

I agree, my teacher is a retard.

Answer #5

no, my mom’s Wiccan, I’m serious, I know it’s weird

Answer #6

I’m glad she spent teaching time on idiot time. I’d get her fired, but maybe that’s because I too am an atheist, albeit also VERY spiteful. But no, it’s not wrong at all.

If it’s wrong to be an atheist, it’s wrong to be christian/anything else.

Answer #7

No, it is not wrong. I found out I was atheist at 13. And of coarse, some people will get a little angry/pissy about this kind of stuff. Especially parents. I know my parents did. They gave me a huge talk about this stuff. Of coarse I listened to them, but I kept to my belief. Your teacher had no right to do what she did, I believe. It’s wrong to do that in school. About religions, trying to make you believe in a different one and lecturing you about it, isn’t it? I thought so.

Anyways, it is your belief, no matter what your age is.

Answer #8

Everyone has the right to have their own beliefs, no matter how old they are. Personally, I don’t think your teacher has it in her power to do that. She’d probably be in trouble for doing something like that. Are your parents Atheists too? If so, you should probably talk it over with them. If it was another such topic, the parents would go straight to the principal and complain about the teacher. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t, but there’s not much else you can do about it. But in answer to your question, you do have every right to be who or what you want despite your age.

Answer #9

no its not wrong and yes ypour teacher is an idiot a lot of religious beleivers are stubborn and selfish they want you rt respect what they beleive in yet show no respect whatesoever to anyone else who doesnt beleive in there god if I were you, I would walk away when she talks about how wrong it is and about god because if she doesnt respect you, she doesnt deserve your respect either and in “ancient times” people went christians way back there were a lot of religions, christianity not being one of them people used to worship other gods, like sun gods, ect not jesus and christianitys god those beleifs came much much later I dont beleive in any “god” either and am an athiest and damn proud I dont respect most religions, christianity being number 1 because I dont beleive in it and dont agree with anything it says or teaches and while I respect that people have the right to choose what they beleive in I dont respect religions

Answer #10

Its ok to be an atheist at 14 if you understand it. As far as the teacher she should be fired for that crap. I assume its a public school. She can’t do that.

Answer #11

I’ve been atheist since the age of 11, and see no harm in it, many people brought up in societies where religion is strong or dominant have the same feeling as your teacher. those people, frankly, annoy me.

I g to a catholic school, and get insulted my Catholics all the time. the best counteract is to know religion and use it to defend yourself. I suggest reading Richard Dawkins “the god delusion” and several bibles, and studying the religion, to use it when in such arguements

Answer #12

its not wrong. I agree she should be fired. I mean its your beliefs not hers. Bileve in whatever you want to belive. I’m catholic so yeahh. in my opinion teachers shouldnt give their opinions of other religions.

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