America vs. the ism's

How is it that Europe was the orignal breeding ground for Facsism, Communism, and totalitarianism which America helped defeat, yet there are some who seem to have history backwards? Who was it that saved that whole continent? I am tired of all this talk about how America needs europe to love us, LOL! HA!

Answer #1

as far as having european countries love us- we need to maintain alliances with most of the countries over there- that is just good politics. france and germany were coming around to our way of thinking during the bush years- they are a couple of key countries that are good to have on our side of the fence. the U.S. can’t really afford to isolate itself- we need allies, not just for the strategic benefits- but the economic as well. should we kiss any european countries backside to get that- hell no. we need to maintain our position of strength- and win over countries that way.

Answer #2

Amsterdam supplies enough European love for all of us. …and it don’t cost that much neither.

Answer #3

I’ll second that ! - and they don’t “love us” as promised in the campaign - that mindset is in charge and we shall see how great their ‘Change’ will be - so far, massive spending of taxpayer dollars, the power grab/takeover, and 9.3 Trillion in debt in 10 years is not, repeat not, positive change !!

Answer #4

Toadaly . . . LOL

Answer #5

Well, on the “lovin” part…I don’t think we have to worry…they don’t.


Answer #6

Speaking of history being backward, where do you think most of the population in the US came from?

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