Who's philopshy: Martin Luther King vs. Malcolm X?

Who’s philosophy do you think made the most sense for America in the 1960’s? Why do you think that?

Answer #1

we all must realize that these men held diff lives and malcome x wasnt as fortunate as martin luther king. yet he was very violent which I believe shouldnt have been done unless noone is really not paying attention.

Answer #2

Martin Luther King because he strove for equality for African Americans, Malcolm X was much more confused and even violent if I am not mistaken

Answer #3

They both made sense. They just affected the views of different groups of people. If you listen to Martin Luther King Jr’s speech you will know that it is very calm and given in a real preachy style voice that appeal to certain groups. If you listen to Malcolm X’s speech you will notice that it a lot more aggressive in a way which kind of appeals to another group.

Out of the two I believe Martin Luther King’s speech won because I think the audience was a bit bigger.

Answer #4

Martin Luther King

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