Amc!!! Australian maths c***??? Seeking 16-year old aussie genius!

Im malaysian, I’ve taken australian maths c(I dunno what it stand for??), but its an exam on australian maths subject…the problem is, I dont know what the question will be??? Although its 5 more months but I dunno how to study about this ausie maths…help me mates!!!

Answer #1

is it sam (south australian matriculation)???

Answer #2

I live in Australia and I’ve never heard of ‘Australian Maths’. Maths is universal, it shouldn’t be culturised. I have no idea why this specific maths subject is ‘Australian’. There is no such thing.

Answer #3

down2earth means the AMC (the Australian Mathematics Competition). It’s a world-wide competition held in mathematics each year and it’s one of the biggest math competitions too. I actually quite like it. Some of the questions can be quite challenging.

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