What if I took an IQ test for an 18 year old, is 93 good?

I am only 13 when I took the IQ test for 18 year olds. 93 is the score I received, I do not know if that is good or not.

Answer #1

If you were 18 or over, 93 would be an OK score, but not very good. But since you are 13, then there is no way to tell.

It would be like weighing a baby and saying my baby is 6 months old, it weighs 8kg, But is 8kg good for an 11 month old baby?. the answer is, well no, but your baby is only 6 months.

so my answer to you is well no, but you are only 13.

Answer #2

the answer to the IQ test is inaccurate because its not made for people your age and generally 18 year olds know a lot more than 13 year olds so you were pretty much doing a test you wouldnt know the answers to

Answer #3

There’s absolutely no way to tell… IQ scores are calibrated in comparison to other people of similar ages. What a 13 year old would get on a score for 18 year olds, and how that compares to other 13 year olds is unknown. Why dont you take a test for 13 year olds and find out how good you are compared to them?

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