How do 11 & 12 year old boys act?

im going on my first year of middle school and before school starts i want to know how boys act so im prepared you know.

Answer #1

It depends on the boy.

Answer #2

often immature and annoying. many lack common sense

Answer #3

At that age, I think it depends how they were brought up.

Answer #4

well it depends on their background, but some boys do act imature and annoying,others act shy and nice,some are just bullies, but it really depends on their background, thats all i have, sorry if i didnt help :*)

Answer #5

It depends who the boy is. Anyways when i was in middle school most of them were immature but that was just me.

Answer #6

it also depend on wat surroundinqs he had

Answer #7

Well kinda depends on the school and the culture of your school. Because usually like in my school they are super annoying and try to be funny and sarcastic about everything just to impress the “popular girls”. But their are also some that are really nice and are actually ok to talk to. :)

Answer #8

thanks that helped :)

Answer #9

hi my name is caitlyn

Answer #10

hi my name is caitlyn

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