How will Al Qaeda react to the killing of Osama Bin Laden?

Answer #1

i thinking that yes killng the osama

Answer #2

I’d say in a very bad way

Answer #3

Only time will tell, how they will react.. All we can do, is wait and see..

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Answer #5

they have already said that the attacks are not over and will do a lot more is he was killed. 10 years, he wasnt just sitting there watching coronation street.

this, of course is if he actually is dead.

Answer #6

More attacks will be attacks on America and Americans.. Americans need to be more careful when traveling cuz more than likely Al Qaeda supports will targeting them..

Answer #7

there will be more attacks in my opinion someone said the worlds a safer place but they put American and British embassies on terrr alert? Al-Qaeda have said if anything happens to Bin Laden they will start more terrr attacks,just think about it….Bin Laden isn’t the only “mastermind” behind Al-Qaeda. Bin Laden himself said that a man called Ayman al-Zawahiri was the “brains” behind most plans.

In my opinion i think we will hear an awful lot more of planned attacks by them they’re not going to suddenly stop just because their leaders been killed.

Answer #8

I think the will try and retaliate or slowly push back till defeat.

Answer #9

aggressive ! they will take revenge … not now, they will wait 4 the right time…

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