At what age can someone move out?

ok so im 18 years old and my girl friend is 16, she lives like 2 blocks from me and she’s not aloud to go anyware. her dad is bosnian and very strict he works a lot, so she comes over every day for an hour at a time just in case if he comes home. its not just me she cant even hang out with her friends, She’s a very good girl and doesnt do a thing wrong but today she was over and her dad called her she ran home and threw a fit it was only 6 pm he hits her just for being gone even when she asked if she can go somware for an hour he says no. it sucks now he’s saying he is sending her back to bosnia, I would wait for her for how ever long it would take but I really dont want to wait I would rather have her just move in with my family.

Answer #1

if the father is hitting her and stuff like that contact the authorities and if the father gets taking in to custody or she is no longer able to live with him (like if dss gets involved) then take her in to your care or your parents could take her in something like that

if your in school still talk to your guidense counclers or she could talk to them

Answer #2

You cannot do anything till she does not reach the age 18. Till that you have to be in a secret relationship. If the girl will be sent back to Bosnia, then you have to save many to go there and take her away (kidnaping her to the USA) and then you can marry. But this can happen only when she reaches the age 18. And you have to careful because Bosnian fathers get real mad if their dauthers do differently than they tell them. On the other hand this Bosnian girl will be a very good g/f (wife) for you, so it is worthy to wait this 2 years.

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