Moving out at the age of 18 in oregon

I was wondering if my parents can press charges on someone after I turn 18 even if it happened when I was 17?

Answer #1

as far as I know there’s no law against kissing a guy? just sleeping with him…

ok this is what I found on oregon law… from what I understand there’s nothing they can actually do…

Answer #2

alright. it was just me kissing an guy that is older than I am.

Answer #3

If it was a crime, then yes, but it probably won’t be taken seriously unless it was a felony crime.

But if it was a felony, and you’re parents failed to report it in a timely manner, then that makes them accomplices. So they’ll go down as adult accomplices, and you’ll go down as a minor. If they’re holding this over your head to keep you from moving out or something, you might point that out to them.

Answer #4

but can she after I turn 18???which is tomorrow.

Answer #5

well I’ll be 18 tomorrow. could she still do something about that?

Answer #6

uhm you’re going to have to be a little bit clearer on what the “someone” did…

Answer #7

yes your not 18 yet

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