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Do you think this new poem makes sense?

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Hey, I'm back again this time its a poem for school and I'm not exactly sure whether, even if it does make sense, if I used the definition of the words correctly. Can you help me? If I used any of the words wrong please tell me and if you like it and its not confusing let me know. Here it is:

I Am Poem(-I didn't give it a name because I still have to ask my teacher if she wants us to.)

I am extrovert and introvert, I wonder how the world has gotten so taciturn and frigid. I hear the articulation, the enunciation of the future, I see a more acceptable world. I want to attain my dreams and desires, I am extrovert and introvert.

I pretend to be someone everyday of my life, I feel indecorous in this world. I touch and bequeath every heart that I am able, I worry about what’s to come in the future. I cry inside for a ameliorate understanding, I am extrovert and introvert.

I understand that this life is meant to test me, I say work your hardest to progress. I dream for a truth that is beneath all this chaos, I try to assist as much as I can. I hope this life I live here is not unjust and wayward, I am extrovert and introvert.

The first two words of each sentence are what she, my teacher, told us to start off with but everything after that was me. Please let me know what you opinion is. Thanks! ~Alanna