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New poem. What do you think?

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I look at him
He looks at me
We stare at eachother for an eternity
I want to know what to say
But I just sit there
Falling away

I just want to call out to him
And I just want to tell him how much I love him
But its not true love
Its a love
I cannot describe this love to you
Cause if I do you'll say screw you

I tell this guy how I feel
And all he says is "thats not true"
I try to hide the sadness and the pain
I don't want to love him again

I feel his hand touch my back
As I walk away in a defeated stack
And then the tears come up and leak out over
And I brush his hand lightly off my shoulder

I weep and cry and blubber away
And the pain I feel it lasts all day
When I see him in the halls
When I see him at the mall
All I can think of is "why me"
Why can't I just be care free?

I try to say that I will live
But the truth is I won't
I won't survive without him
And I won't survive without the man
I thought I loved
And that I don't
All I want is for him to slit my throat

Take away all the pain
Make it go goodbye again
Get him to say he loves me back
See you can't and thats a fact.

Try to avoid him everyday
But the truth is
I can't its insane.
Slit my throat
Stop the pain
Save it forever
To use someday!!!

This poem is all because larry broke my heart, lol not. What do you think? Is it good or bad?