Would you be afraid to stay in a house that has a coffin in it?

why or why not?

Answer #1

No I would use it as a bed

Answer #2

Oh my

Answer #3

Wait it depends is it the comfy cushion one or the hard wood one…? What I am scared of is if I sleep in it when I wake up I am being buried alive!

Answer #4

I wouldn’t be afraid…..though it would be a bit creepy

Answer #5

okay any1 that says that it wouldnt scare them is a liar lol….some people wouldnt scream like mad but im sure it would creep them out lol

Answer #6

Absolutely! I would be freaking out if there was a coffin in my house seriously! I am a superstitious girl…coffins are meant to be in 2 places…1 the funeral home, 2 the cemetery…I believe that ghosts do exist & would not be at ease if there was one in my home PERIOD.

Answer #7

No I wouldn’t.It would be creepy but for other reasons.Coffins,but would scare many.And it depends on the coffin too,weather the coffin has got contents or is empty!And sleeping in the coffin is definitely not my cup of tea,I would suffocate to death,so Slashdown you will be buried dead!:D

Answer #8

When I was in Europe, I stayed in a house that also served as a morgue, there was a room with a white sheet on a metal desk, scared me so much, I refused to even walk past it so yes I would be afraid

Answer #9

Is it an empty coffin, or a coffin with a dead person inside? Yeahh, either way, I’d be freaked out.. like no joke haha. I agree with temptress, coffins should be in graveyards/cemeteries & what not..not in HOMES !

Answer #10

ty sweetie…:P

Answer #11

It’s just an object lol, nothing to be scared of. If there was a body in it though, then that’s a different story.

Answer #12

In short, yes. I’d be freaked out. Coffins are meant for those who have passed on. I don’t believe they have any positive vibes or energy to them whatsoever.

Answer #13

It would freak me out cuz I get freaked out easily and stuff .. I mean an empty never been used one might be a little less creepy but id probably still feel uncomfortable ! I’m just that kind of person

Answer #14

yes bc what if theres a deasb body in it

Answer #15

It wouldn’t creep me out lol. A coffin is just an object, like a chair or a desk.

Answer #16

Depending was there a dead body in there before, or is it just for show? it still be creepy! but I could deal……….. if I had a friend with me!!!!!!

Answer #17

Because, I’ve seen “Salem’s Lot.” one two many times..

Answer #18

Depends if there was a body in it, if there wasn’t awesome.

Answer #19

haha thats the first thought that popped in my head so i totally agree a dead guy in the casket would not be alright with me lol

Answer #20

It’s ok with me,wht harm cn dead pple do to us!!!

Answer #21

Jeez and the smell too!

Answer #22

well unless he was embalmed then he wouldn’t but he defiantly still be a dead guy in a coffin hahah pretty not gunna happen i probably wouldn’t even enter the house and for that matter why would you have a coffin in your house or why would you want to stay at a funeral home/morgue haha

Answer #23

He!l yeah!!! i’d be scared to death. i’m just scared thinkin abt it i’ve always been scared of the supernatural.

Answer #24

He he he! Geddit? “Scared to death!”

Answer #25

ikr. lol

Answer #26

ya that would freak me out lol

Answer #27

No. I’d be afraid to sleep in a house with a decaying dead person in it. But a un-used coffin? Nope. That’s just some wood and fabric.

Answer #28


Answer #29

Ahahaha!! Alex you are so goofy. lol :D

Answer #30

NO WAY-NO HOW! Can’t do it.. & I’m afraid of black cats & those people with the all black pupils.. Somebody save me… . ):

Answer #31

If the coffin was empty then I would not care at all! :DD It is just some wood! :DD If the coffin had a dead person in it though I would just be freaked! lol :DD Not scared but like totally creeped out…/: Maybe very saaaad…….): I hate seeing dead things….):

Answer #32

yes i would probably be ok i just really would not sleep :)

Answer #33

No, as long as no one is in it. I’m not superstitious at all.

Answer #34

I would be uneasy, and I don’t think I would be able to sleep. So, I guess not.

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