do I stay in the house to much?

well I mostly stay in my room 95% of the day (unless it a special day). all I do is play on the computer read listen to music and talk to people on yahoo.about the only time I go outside is when I have to. like if I got to go to the store or school.every once and a blue moon. ill leave on my own.I dont have no friends. so there nothing to do outside. plus I think stay inside is better then out. who think I stay in the house to much?

Answer #1

I’d say you answered your own question, but then the answer to that question is a matter of opinion. (but since you’re asking ill assume that you think you stay home too much) some people dont go out because they have more things to do at home, than they do when they’re out. if you dont have friends then thats another reason why being indoors is more suitable for you, because you have more things to do home. SOOO to sum it all up.

It depends. lol. depends on what you think, not us.

Answer #2

Think you answered for me with that question lol but a dit of socialising wont do you any harm

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